Note:  This offer was not part of our original plans but as so many new owners have asked,
we have decided to bow to weight of public pressure and make this available for you today

* One Time License Upgrade Option *

Install Squeeze Ninja on Multiple Sites
Upgrade Your Current Single Site License to A Multi-Site License

After Launch Phase This Will Not Be Available You Can Upgrade Now For Just $19.95 (single payment)


When you upgrade to a Multi-Site License you can install Squeeze Ninja
on an unlimited number of sites you own personally

You'll SAVE $37 PER SITE - This Offer Will Not Be Repeated

AMAZING UPGRADE FUNCTION:  Grab the upgrade now and running Squeeze Ninja across multiple sites is easy... We'll give you a unique code to enter into your Squeeze Ninja software dashboard that will unlock the multisite option.

Each time you want to install Squeeze Ninja to another domain simply enter your personal code and it's done!  With this amazing feature it literally takes just seconds to deploy and there's no need to register or upload extra files for each site where you install the software!



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