Whatever you're selling or promoting online building a list of targeted subscribers, potential customers or loyal followers is the hinge that your 'door to success' swings on...

If you're an Internet Marketer you know that building multiple lists, across different niches not only safeguards & diversifies your income but it boosts your brand and reputation faster than any other marketing activity.

But until now, the sticking point for most of us has been the sheer amount of time it takes to set up a proper squeeze funnel. So imagine how your fortunes will change when you can create an entire, optimized and monetized funnel in less than 3 minutes (With nothing more technical than a few clicks of your mouse!)

With Squeeze Ninja that 'ideal vision' of list building simplicity has been made real!


With Squeeze Ninja you have the flexibility to create any kind of page: Text based, graphic rich or video based pages with literally thousands of style and design variations so your pages will always stand out!

The cool thing is... Squeeze Ninja automatically creates the 'Confirmation' page new subscribers see after submitting the form and you can automatically redirect them to other offers or promotion which means you can monetize your new subscribers right away! Check it out on the demo page here

Squeeze Ninja also creates your gift/freebie/bonus delivery page automatically - Basically all the hard, complicated, technical and time consuming stuff gets completely done for you in a matter of seconds.

PLUS+ With just one easy installation you can create, run & manage an unlimited number of pages and all on your own web hosting account, without any kind of monthly or ongoing fees...

But with any software, it's effectiveness always
comes down to how easy it is to use?

And that's where Squeeze Ninja will become the only solution you'll ever need! 

Sure there are other 'squeeze builders' on the market, but many are almost impossible to work out... Others simply do half the job (and create just the front page) but leave the vital 'backend' pages up to you to work out on your own...

Worse still, some need an entire installation of WordPress to work (how crazy is that?) ... And others come with such stupidly expensive monthly fees that the average site owner just cannot afford them.

We set out to change ALL that!  We first struck upon the idea of building an application for our own use, a rapid list building system with one clear goal in mind: EASE OF USE

It had to work but it had to work fast!

We brought in one of the smartest coders online (with over 30 years experience) and introduced him to one of the top sales & copy conversion experts we know... The result after several months of hard work and thousands of dollars in development is an application so good it would have been criminal not to share it.

Squeeze Ninja is an achingly powerful, yet simple to use web based software that enables anyone to create beautiful, high converting pages!

The initial brief was for a system that could build an entire sales funnel from start to finish without coding or designing that took less than 10 'fill-in-the-blanks' type steps... The good news is they beat that plan!

With Squeeze Ninja you can do EVERYTHING in just 8 easy steps!
Wanna See it? Click the link below to see an example of the main builder panel (opens in a new window):


Check Out The Dashboard:

From the simple dashboard you'll get an Eagle's eye view of all your list building campaigns so you can see how many visitors each page has received and how well pages are converting subscribers for you.  You can also edit or create new pages, clone entire funnels, reset stats, delete old pages & much more...

The key element of any powerful squeeze funnel system is an incentive or gift you give away that people want to download and that they will be eager to subscribe for...  Your 'BRIBE' ...

And we have you covered on this one too...

If you don't want to spend time, researching and writing up reports, designing cover graphics and writing sales copy for your squeeze pages our "EZ-SQUEEZE" plugin for Squeeze Ninja is the perfect solution!

Just Hit Play To Watch The Video

Get EVERYTHING You Need To Start
Building A List In Less Than 30 Seconds...

EZ-Squeeze is simple to use.  Simple enter your unique EZ-Squeeze 'plugin code' into the Squeeze Ninja control panel and you'll instantly have 25 pre-designed campaigns to choose from right inside your software.

Nothing extra to upload or modify - and it's 100% INSTANT!

If we made the process any simpler
you'd think it was Witchcraft!

Pick a hot topic report from the list of 25 pre-made campaigns inside the integrated EZ-Squeeze command panel, choose a name for your squeeze funnel (for your dashboard) then click to publish the whole thing live...  That's It!

The report is created, the squeeze page is built (you can still edit and tweak the design if you want to) and the back-end and delivery pages are all instantly built for you.

You don't have to edit the reports, you don't have to upload them or set anything up... It's all done for you! 

Giving Away EZ-Squeeze Reports Also Comes
With A Built In Money Maker For You...

Inside each special report you'll be giving away to build your list, are 2 ads for a highly targeted and almost irresistible special offer your readers will want to buy. 

It looks like this one:

When your new subscriber reads the report (that automatically includes your affiliate link) and goes on to buy the offer you'll earn an instant commission via the JVZoo network!

Hands Free Commissions:  Now of course we can't guarantee how much extra cash you'll make... (We aren't the kind of marketers that promise stupid amounts of money or suggest "doing X will make you a millionaire overnight") but we can say that we use exactly the same type of marketing model ourselves and it adds roughly $1 to the value of every subscriber that joins our list...

It puts list building in an entirely new light -

Imagine... Getting PAID To Build Your List!

You can give away unlimited numbers of each report, if you picked up the Squeeze Ninja multisite license on the previous page you can also deploy the EZ-Squeeze plugin across all of your installs and there are no ongoing or licensing fees to worry about!

Now every report you give away has the potential to put more cash in your pocket!

No doubt when you picked up Squeeze Ninja your intention was to get the most out of it right away and adding this uber-cool extra plugin is a great choice even if you already have other reports and bribes to offer...

Save A Fortune In Development Costs!
 & Shave 3 Months Off Your Workload!

...  Each unique 15-25 page report, cover graphic & squeeze page sales copy set costs us around $750

Yes you could write up new reports yourself...  (and truthfully that would be the ideal approach to take), but let's face it, it's not a perfect world, you don't have months and months to devote to writing - who does?

And true... you could hire a writer and outsource your own reports...  but you'd see no change out of $19,000 to get the same value as we've put together for you here and then you'd still need a killer offer to monetize them with on top of everything else!

With EVERY report package (25 in total) you will get:

7 Professionally Written Follow-Up Autoresponder Messages...  Just copy and paste these into your chosen autoresponder and you have instant follow-ups to mail to your list on the same topic as each report.  (Bonus Value:  $875)

Detailed Keyword Research and Recommended affiliate programs for each report topic...  This is a HUGE time saver because we've done all the 'grunt' work for you - Marketing intelligence at its best and a sure-fire way to maximize your income from every report!  (Bonus Value:  $500)

Here's what people are saying about Squeeze Ninja:

In fact Squeeze Ninja is so freaking cool and has so many amazing features, clever time saving tricks and functions included, if we listed them all on this page it'd take hours to read... 

So rather than force you to wade though tons and tons of stuff where we just gush about "how great this thing is" we thought you'd be better served by simply getting started and using it yourself today!

That's why we're making you this GUARANTEE!

Grab a copy of Squeeze Ninja today, put it through it's paces, create some killer squeeze pages and kick the tyres for yourself for an entire 60 days...

Then if you are not 100% delighted and satisfied that the software does everything we say then just let us know and we'll refund your payment without question!

Try It - And Love It or Your Money Back!

Effectively this guarantee gives you a full 2 month trial before you even need to decide if Squeeze Ninja is the answer to all your list building prayers!

Squeeze Ninja Software

Software Requirements: Hosting account with PHP4 or 5 + your own doamin

Note: Free Lifetime Updates, Special Discount and Extra Bonuses Are ONLY Available For A Limited Time
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